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10% of the author profits from this book will be donated to registered horse rescues across the United States.



This first book in a new series is about horse rescue and strives to teach teens and adults how to properly care for horses and to know what actions to take if they find a horse in need.

Jillian to the Rescue!

Book One - Lost and Found

If you loved reading The Black Stallion then Jillian to the Rescue! Book One, Lost and Found is the horse adventure book for you. Join newly orphaned Jillian as she moves to the bleak deserts of Arizona to live with a grandmother she barely knows, and an uncle bent of some kind of weird revenge.


 Twelve-year-old Jillian is miserable and she misses her parents desperately. It’s only when she secretly rescues a neglected Arabian mare that her life begins to turn around. She just needs to find the right way to tell her grandma about the mare and ask if she can keep her. But, if her horse-hating Uncle Aaron has anything to do with it, her hopes will be denied. Permanently.

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